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computer training centre in khulna

Focus on Your Skill

It is imperative to keep your skills for yourself....

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professional IT training

Learn from Professionals

Professional instructors led in classroom & practical in Lab...

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Web Design Training

Highway to Advanced Learning

Start from the basics & reach up to advanced level...

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IT Incubation

Grab Great Opportunities !!

IT offers a great opportunities for Individual & Entrepreneur

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Outsourcing training centre in Bangladesh

Freelancing The Future !!

Be an IT executive with Freelancing & IT Outsourcing...

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Welcome to Anuborton IT Incubation Center, The First IT Outsourcing Training and Consultancy Center in Khulna.

We just not only provide the training programs but also work for awareness building on IT outsourcing & entrepreneurship. So let us help, We have the skills ...

We Offer The Following IT Training Programs

Our IT Outsourcing training programs have a high success rate of 100% for enabling careers in IT

Professional Web Design

AITIC provide the professional Web Design training programs by HTML & CSS, Wordpress and Joomla. After successfully completing the training program, you can be established as a professional web designer. Our professionals will help you create, plan, modify and manage a standard and dynamic website.

Professional Graphic Design

AITIC provide the professional Graphics Design Training Programs using latest versions of software like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Adobe Premier, Adobe Flash and Action Script. After course completion, students can get jobs as a Graphics Designer, Web Animator, UI Creator, Multimedia Artist and Flash Artist.

Internet Marketing & Writing

AITIC provide the professional Training on Online Media marketing and SEO content writing. We have some secret methods to enhance your online marketing and writing skills immediately! After completing the program, student can aquire the skills and techniques to make their writing faster and better.

E-commerce Web Design

In this training program, AITIC offers an approach to implementing e-commerce functionality in CMS: introducing basic e-commerce functions to an existing site and creating a stand-alone e-commerce solution with CMS. The course explores choosing payment vendor, creating buy button, configuring store with extension, adding products & discounts and managing inventory.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

AITIC provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) training for those who have a little knowledge on Search Engine or wants to start a career with SEO. In this program, we provide all of the Advanced Strategies of SEO along with the secrets and professional mentor. No more thinking, Get start your bright IT career with our Advanced SEO training program today & be a SEO professional.

Affiliate Marketing & Pro Blogging

AITIC run this exceptional program for those who aspire in IT and have basic knowledge on search engine, wants to be a professional blogger and affiliate marketer, loves to write online and wants to earn money from Google Adsense or other Ads & Affiliate networks. We show the right way to success. This program is designed for the novice to Advanced level blogger or Affiliate Marketer.

PSD Conversion Solutions

AITIC provide professional training on PSD to HTML & CSS and CMS (Joomla & WordPress) conversion. These programs are totally designed for advanced students who have strong desire to be a professional web developer. After completing these professional programs, students will be able to convert any PSD design to HTML & CSS and Joomla & WordPress also.

Web Application Development

Our Web Application Development training program is an in-depth exploration of everything you need to know to develop rich, cross-platform web applications. Instead of hiding the web behind frameworks that try to pretend it doesn't exist and its teaches how to develop modern web applications using a combination of ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, HTTP and HTML5 techniques.

Incubation for IT Outsourcing

AITIC offers basic & advanced level training on IT outsourcing & entrepreneurship. This program is completely designed for those who have a basic knowledge on computer & internet and always ready to take a new challenge to create something different using innovative ideas. Our instructor using latest tools & technologies, so students can up to date inline with the modern technology.

Professional Web Programming

AITIC run this web programming training program for those who want to start as a web programmer and reach up to be a professional web developer. Learn to create web-based applications and programs with our courses on HTML 5, CSS (less), ASP, .NET, PHP and AJAX, as well as ActionScript, ColdFusion and Java.

Programming Language (C, C++, C#)

AITIC offers programming language courses for those who already been admitted in computer science for graduation and for non technical students who want to be a programmer. We provide training on programming language C, C++, C# and Java. These programs also meet the academical requirement for the students.

Computer Basic with Office Applications

AITIC is not only for advanced students but its available for new computer users. We provide the basic knowledge on operating system, hardware, desktop & web application, Office application, internet browsing, online communication system, Bengali & English writing skill development and many more in this starter program.

Our Exclusive Offers

We offer some professional certification programs & Discount opportunities for new and successful students


AITIC have some good connections with some National & International IT Companies & Organizations. Please Have a look some of them here...

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    100, Khan Jahan Ali Road.
    (opposite side of govt. Sundarban College).
    Khulna - 9100
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  • Phone:  +880-1675-765261


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